Patti Hale

It seems that I have been a photographer all my life, starting with a little film camera that I bought when I was about nine years old. Then when our first child was born, I invested in a better camera with a short zoom lens. Fast forward, and now that all four children are in college, I have time to pursue my passion by having my own business and many new adventures!

I began with portrait photography, and what can I say? I still love it. Whether it's in the studio or on location, I am thrilled every time I capture an expression that truly reflects someone's personality. We are complex people, with so many different emotions. My goal is to help people be so comfortable in front of a camera that they forget I'm even taking photos. That's when magic starts to happen. One of the nicest compliments I have received is when someone looked at a portrait I took of a high school senior and said, "That's him!" I knew I had done my job well.

My style is intentional, honest, sincere, and encouraging. I am not afraid to pose people to help them look their best, and I'm also willing to wait for the moment that I see that connection with the camera. I think my style reflects my own personality: more subtle and sophisticated, with a touch of fun.

I have discovered how to apply my style to wedding photography, where my favorite shots often are the closeup and intimate moments. There's just something about that joy and expression of love that overflows on a wedding day, and it's thrilling to be there to record the beautiful moments for the bride and groom, and for generations to come.

Commercial photography is something I also enjoy because it requires a totally different mindset. How to capture the personality of a room with lighting, angle, and composition is way more creative than I ever expected. Sunlight skimming across a room is gorgeous! Add fresh flowers, and you've got a winning combination.

In addition to photography, I also like to sing at church, stay up late, and keep in touch with my family and friends. I like simplicity, organization, quietness, cheesecake, and diet Coke. Having been raised in Oklahoma, I love country and southern gospel music. My husband, children, and extended family are my greatest joy.